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8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Accept Online and Mobile Casino Bonuses

There are many casinos with judi online bonuses that players can take advantage of when playing at an online or mobile casino, but they aren’t always the best options. You’re better off avoiding them altogether! Here are eight reasons why you should steer clear of casino bonuses and stick to the basics rtp slot instead.

Reason 1 – They don’t apply to your favorite games

While online casinos may give you free money, in many cases you need to play specific games that aren’t your favorites. To be sure, some casinos will allow you to play any game of your choice as long as you deposit a certain amount of money, but some may have strict requirements that only apply to a few games. If they do let you choose a game, they might set up extra playthrough requirements or wagering quotas.

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This can make it more difficult for new players to win back their bonus when using those casinos. It’s better if they just provide bonuses that are attached directly to specific slots games or even table games so that it’s easier for newcomers to take advantage of them without risking more than they intended.

Reason 2 – They restrict the number of withdrawals you can make

As mentioned in our first point, playing with bonuses can lead to a whole host of problems. One of those is that most casinos will place restrictions on how often you can make withdrawals or even when they’re due.

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Withdrawal rules vary from casino to casino but it’s common for them to be limited as follows: Daily – Maximum 4 times per day, Monday-Friday Weekly – Maximum 8 times per week, excluding Sundays & holidays.

Reason 3 – They require expensive deposit requirements

This one is simple enough; online casinos will make you jump through a lot of hoops to qualify for their bonus. The most common requirement is that you deposit a certain amount of money, anywhere from $20 to $100.

Though no real cash was used when you deposited it shows your commitment to playing at that particular casino online or on your mobile device. They’re hoping that once they’ve hooked you with their enticing bonuses, combined with some well-designed games, they’ll have enough data about your playing patterns to start influencing your decisions while you play. All in all a great way for them to keep receiving your deposits while getting away with paying out much less than they win in real money.

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Reason 4 – Using an online casino bonus will decrease your chances of winning cash rewards daily

Don’t fall into casino bonus traps. You will probably end up losing more than you win by using casino bonuses. Don’t let online casinos trick you out of your cash by getting you to play slots that award a lot of money in real cash.

Stick to table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, or Holdem poker instead. Those are where you can start winning a ton of money daily. If you go for online casino bonuses then stick to high roller bonuses if possible because most online casinos offer massive starting bankrolls that will allow you to wager big without risking too much money while at it.

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Reason 5 – The wagering requirements are outrageous

Most bonuses will have massive wagering requirements, for example, 200x. The worst we’ve seen is 400x. That means you’ll have to turn over your deposit four times just to be able to withdraw your winnings.

It can take anywhere from 50-to 100 hours of play before you can start withdrawing any real money, so why would you do that if there are other great casino sites out there with smaller or no wagering requirements? And if you do want to gamble your bonus away, don’t let us stop you – it’s what these casinos are counting on!

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Reason 6 – The games won’t improve your skill set or bankroll management

Studies show that gamblers who play with bonus money are more likely to lose that money than those who play without bonus money. The reason is that bonuses tend to increase stakes as players try to capitalize on their new capital.

Many of these gamblers will inevitably end up broke, having lost their original bankroll alongside all of their bonus funds. This isn’t a good way to start your casino gambling career – after all, don’t you want to be using your own money rather than someone else’s? And since bonuses only come with low-quality games anyway, why risk it?

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Reason 7 – There are no time constraints on bonuses so you could end up depositing more than you planned

There’s no time pressure on accepting a bonus, so why not just take it all? It’s your hard-earned money, right? It isn’t. The casino paid for that free cash as part of its marketing strategy. They want you to deposit that money, play games and hopefully win.

If you gamble with your bonus funds instead of keeping them in your account long enough to allow them to at least break even through interest or a similar return method, then you aren’t playing by those rules.

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Reason 8 – No reputable casinos give free money away for free

This is one of those concepts that people just don’t seem to get. Of course, as you probably already know, there is no such thing as a free lunch in life. However many players also seem to think that it’s possible to play for free at online casinos as well.


Now, we could sit here all day and try to explain why exactly that isn’t true, but we think we can cut through all of that by asking a single question – have you ever played for real money before? If so then you will have experienced your bankroll dwindle from hundreds or even thousands of dollars down to just $0 with nothing in between.

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These days, online and mobile casinos are in the middle of a massive war to see who can offer the biggest and best bonuses. The problem with these bonuses, however, is that they often come with a catch or at least some fine print that puts your bankroll at risk if you aren’t careful. Before taking advantage of an online or mobile casino bonus, be sure to read this article so you can make an informed decision about whether you should accept it and how to proceed once you have it.

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