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How Long Will Anti-Bird Netting Last in Coventry?



If you are getting fed up with birds and the mess they are leaving behind, it is about time you took the right measures to protect your building. After all, guano can be more destructive than you think. It can permanently damage property since it has a similar pH level to acid rain. So, it is not just irritating. But it can reduce the value of your building before you know it.


The likelihood is that you have already heard about anti-bird netting. This is a popular solution in Coventry with homeowners and business owners. There are many reasons for this. But, the main one is that it works, creating a barrier between your building and the pest bird species. One common question is; how long will anti-bird netting last? Let’s find out.

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How Long Will Anti-Bird Netting Last?


Property owners look for long-lasting solutions when it comes to having bird problems. After all, you want to keep them away permanently. Plus, you can also be on a budget and not want to spend much money. So, you want the solution to last as long as possible so that it does not have to be replaced. Indeed, this is probably what you are looking for too.


So, how long will anti-bird netting last when you have it installed on your home or business building in Coventry? Well, the good news is that it is going to last for many years, whether it is temporarily or permanently installed. In particular, the best way to ensure this is the case is to use a professional bird company for installation. Check out and the service that Apex Bird Control offers. This is going to give you peace of mind and know that the construction is excellent and you are going to get value for money.

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How is Anti-Bird Netting Constructed?


As we have mentioned, it is important for anti-bird netting to be installed by professionals. They are going to use the best materials for the job. Going down the DIY route is not the best idea, and while it can seem like it saves you money, this is often not the case. In fact, half of the time, DIY methods do not work.


So, how is anti-bird netting constructed when it is installed by experts? Well, there is a perimeter framework cable and this is going to be fixed to your building.  This is done securely with fixing at regular intervals, providing strength and durability. These wires are also tensioned for the best results. The focus during the construction is on longevity and being able to cope with British weather.

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Then, there is the netting, which is the part of the construction that keeps birds away. The good thing about polyethene is that it is a strong material. This makes it perfect for having outside during good and bad weather. It does not absorb water, which means that it is not going to rot. Indeed, there can be a lot of rain in Coventry and the temperature can fluctuate in the winter. So, this makes a great material to be able to deal with the elements. What’s more, professional companies use the best polyethene netting, which means it will be high-density and UV-stabilised. Again, this makes sure that it is going to last for as long as possible on your building.

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Are DIY Methods Really That Bad?


Perhaps you are worried about the cost of having professionals install anti-bird netting. Many property owners are always tempted to go down the DIY route to save money on materials and installation. Sure, this is possible. But we have to warn you about the downsides of DIY methods.


First of all, it can be more costly than you think to purchase all of the materials. Remember that you will want to get the best so that your solution lasts a long time. Then, you have to install this solution on your building. If you do not have the right tools, this is going to cost you money. Plus, if you do not have the experience, you could end up damaging your building or not installing the netting correctly. Your bird problem could continue.

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Let’s not forget that installing anti-bird netting can be dangerous. Often, birds choose to hang out on high areas of buildings. This can include ledges and roofs. If you want to create a barrier to these areas, you need to get up there. You are going to need a ladder, which can be expensive. Then, there is the fact that you have to go up that ladder and do all of the work. This can be scary and dangerous if you have never done it before.


Simply, it is a lot easier to have experts install this solution. You realise that it is not as expensive as you first think. They are going to gather all of the materials, and you do not have to put yourself in danger. The whole process is relatively quick, and this can solve your bird problem before it gets worse.

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